The CQI Level 5 Diploma

The CQI Level 5 Diploma in Quality Management

As of 31st December the CQI are no longer accepting new registrations for this qualification but all students who have already started may continue to completion. The Qualification is still Ofqaul registered and has the same value that it had before. Students can therefore still use it as entry to higher level qualifications such as Masters Degrees.

Because this career oportunity is no longer available to new students DHI have created a new qualification of our own which is explained elsewhere on this site. Any student who wishes to transfer to this qualification is at liberty to do so even if they have completed CQI Units via a different Education Centre

Most Students are mostly interested in the Chartered Quality Professional Qualification, the Level 5 Diploma D501 .  This consists of 9 units or topics. There are no specific entry requirements  but students are expected to take the work seriously and we are here to assist when the need arises.

In order to start on the CQI Diploma qualification, despite what you may read on other websites, you do NOT need to have completed the Level 3 Certificate (C301).

Units can be purchased individually or together.  There is a cost saving of 10% to purchase the whole course.

The CQI Level 5 Diploma

CQI Diploma in Quality Management D501 (Leading to Chartered Quality Professional)
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The Diploma is made up of the following 9 units

Becoming a Chartered Quality Professional

 If you plan for a career in the quality profession it would make sense to invest some time in obtaining the best qualification available to give you a high level of competence and the confidence to know that your opinions are founded on concepts that have been well proven stand the test of time and are respected the world over.   The ideal qualification is the Chartered Quality Institute Diploma in Quality Management.


Benefits of becoming a Chartered Quality Professional

Recognition as a professional in your field

The designation Chartered Quality Professional is rapidly becoming the definitive status in the global quality profession.  The CQI and DHiQC both invest heavily in promoting the CQP qualification across the international community.  Currently there is no similar recognised qualification in quality in the world.

The following videos provide more useful information on a career in quality management: 1) CQI Discussion and 2) Making Collaboration Count

3) Be part of a global community with DHIQC and the CQI

When you become a member of the CQI, you will join a community of over 10,000 Quality Professionals who share unique expertise in quality governance, assurance and performance improvement.  David Hutchins is an internationally recognised guru in Quality Management , author of 9 books and a keynote speaker on the international circuit.  Being part of this community gives you access to resources, people and work opportunities.

Increase your salary and career opportunities

In the future, those with the status Chartered Quality Professional will be expected to command the highest salaries and the most prestigious jobs at board level in the largest global companies. Read the CQI’s latest salary survey. Once you have successfully completed your qualification, we will do what we can to help you personally in your career.  We have an Alumni programme where  we offer part time roles as tutors to our best students that have successfully completed their Diploma exam.