The CQI Level 3 Certificate

As of 31st December 2016 the CQI will no longer take new registrations for this group of courses. all existing students have the same time to complete as they were originally required. We can still supply Units for this qualification. 

However, you might like to consider some of the options that we are offering. Some details are on our site but if you want to give us a call we would like to hear from you.

For those looking for a solid, general understanding  in the Quality Sciences, the Level 3 Certificate in Quality Management demonstrates a general and basic understanding of the principle topics related to quality.   It gives insights into each of the key quality disciplines.  It is invaluable for those involved in quality related activities, those who may later aspire to more specific quality related work or for a general level of understanding of quality by the entire workforce.

Please note: We are aware that some service providers suggest that this certificate is a stepping stone to the CQI Level 5 Diploma in Quality Management . This is not the case.

You will note that the titles of these are the same as five of the titles in the CQI Diploma in Quality Management . The syllabus is very similar too but the examinations and Assignments are much easier. If at a later date you decide to study for the Diploma you will have to complete all of these Units again but at the higher level. If you think you can do it, it might be better to consider starting right away with the Diploma.

Typical Job Roles:  Quality Technician, Customer Service Team Leader, Operations Team Leader, Engineering Technician.  (Level 3 Certificate).

Units can be purchased individually or together.

The certificate is made up of 5 units.

The Level 3 Certificate – Certificate in Quality Management

The Level 3 Certificate – individual units

CQI Level 3 Certificate: Certificate in Quality Management C301 includes the following 5 units: