The CQI have publicly announced that as from the end of December 2016, they will not accept any further registrations for either their Level 3 Certificate in Quality Management or their Level 5 Diploma in Quality Management. Furthermore that all students for the Diploma in Quality Management must complete by October 2020.

As a consequence DHI have created a whole new suite of courses pitched at Level 6

Our new Diploma is entitled 'Higher Diploma in Quality Leadership'  with many Units similar in content to that of the CQI product but with some important differences.

  • Unlike the CQI Diploma all of the Units will be assignment based with no sit down examinations so nobody will have to find an examination Centre. 
  • Assignments may be submitted at any time in the year and not only on three dates as at present.
  • Of course, there will be no CQI membership or registration fees to pay and as we are keeping the Unit fee cost the same as for our CQI Diploma, the overall cost to the student will be considerably lower.
  • Exemptions. Any student who has successfully completed CQI Diploma Units can be exempted from the equivalent Unit in this course.
  • In addition to our new diploma plans are in place for a large suite of new DHI courses under the banner 'Quality without Borders' which includes our Higher Diploma in Quality Leadership. These are in the process of being submitted for approval to various International official bodies such as overseas Quality Institutes and also to Academia as a route to higher Qualifications. The course structure and content of this range of courses will be different and far more extensive in content to the current CQI based versions but we have designed our Diploma to make its elements sufficiently similar to that of the now unavailable CQI version.
  • DHI is also planning to Certify both 'Sole Trader' Educators and Education Centres to conduct these courses but attention to competancy of Tutors will be strict and may involve the taking of an examination based on the content of the course as well as face to face interview. Corporate Registered organisations and relevant Education Bodies may also apply to enable them to conduct these courses provided that they prove competency as in the case of tutors in the subject matter and organisational support.  Both Education and Training can be provided in this subject to those with suitable entry level qualifications and experience. Please contact us for further details.
  • Any Examination Centre currently Approved by CQI might not necessarily assume that it will be automatically approved by us. Approval will be evidence based and only the highest standards will prove acceptable as it is our intention that the value of this qualification will be based on the subsequent capabilities of our students.
  • Because this is intended to be a Level 6 Qualification (subject to approvals) the important differences in content between this Qualification and the CQI Diploma are as follows:
  1. The CQI Unit 512 Research will be dropped and instead, students will be required to include more evidence of research in their Assignments.
  2. The Diploma will comprise 12 Units instead of the CQI 9. The new Units to be included are QA and QC, Supply Chain Management and Facilitating, Coaching and Mentoring for Quality. This particular Unit must be studied after all of the others have been completed as it has a significant impact on the role of the future Quality Specialist.
Any students from any Education Centre who may have started the CQI Diploma at any time after 2010 may apply for relevant exemptions and transfer to this qualification to complete their studies. Of course being a Distance learning qualification and without having to worry about an examination Centre, the location of the student is irrelevant.