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2017 - New Courses!

During the last two years we at DHI have developed a completely new range of state of the art Quality Courses to suit everyone at all levels of organisation.

They are available now and, consequently, our website is being updated. If you need more information please contact us either by phone or by email

These new courses comprise three sets under the collective heading of ‘Quality beyond Borders’

Which is the best course for you?

1. Quality Fundamentals

These 5-interactive e-learning Units are intended for the entire payroll. They are packed with information that is easily assimilated and tested with quizzes. The package has been mapped and registered by the Chartered Management Institute against the very exacting National Occupational Standards NOS.

2. Diploma in Quality Leadership

This programme incorporates the Quality Fundamentals course. It is Tutor supported and designed to broaden the scope of existing and aspiring Quality Professionals to enable them to support and develop the Quality related activities of the entire workforce. It comprises 9 Units each of which is assessed by the submission of Assignments which can be submitted at any time in the year. There are no sit-down examinations.

3. Master Classes

This programme also incorporates the Quality Fundamentals course. It is totally on line but includes the concepts that are relevant to each of the various management functions, Top Management, Middle Management and Specialist activities.

We are offering ‘early bird’ fees for all of these whilst our new web site is being constructed so contact us now.

David Hutchins will be presenting a paper on these new courses at the following event in Bled Slovenia in October 2017.


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Founded by and still under the guidance of David Hutchins (Fellow of the CMI), who not only worked with all of the unchallenged global leaders, but also represented two of them.
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Our Quality Credentials

  • David Hutchins has written 9 best-selling books on quality-related topics, including Quality Circles, Hoshin Kanri, TQM and Just in Time.
  • David Hutchins personally knew all of the leading Quality Gurus and has worked with several, no other service provider can make such a claim.
  • Tutor-led live lectures and homework assistance for all levels of skills and knowledge.
  • David Hutchins is an academician with the exclusive International Academy of Quality, founded by such illustrious people as Professor Ishikawa, Dr Feigenbaum, and a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.
  • DHIQC is founded on over 40 years of consulting experience, providing quality training and working across all major industries with over 40 leading global companies.

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Hoshin Kanri

The Strategic Approach to Continuous Improvement.

Some of the clients DHI have worked with

Client testimonials

“The direction and guidance given have resulted not only in decent grades in exams and assignments but added competence and confidence to lead the quality agenda in my organisation.”

“I chose your course because I like the informative emails, I had no idea that it was going to be this good.”

“Thanks to DHIQC I completed my diploma in March 2014 and in fine style with a distinction in business research. The relevance, depth, and speed of the tutor feedback was absolutely spot on.”

“Just a note to compliment you on the excellence of the course, both breadth, depth and facilities. I expected the course to push forward the frontiers but I had not anticipated by how much.”

“I am currently studying Quality Management at David Hutchins International Quality College and David Hutchins has been 100% supportive.”

“David Hutchins understands Japanese management philosophy better than any European that we know”

The late Mr Jonji Naguchi, Managing Director of JUSE

Partners in Quality

David Hutchins is an academician member of what it universally accepted to be the most prestigious Quality Organisation in the World.

David has been a member of ASQ since the 1980s.

ASQ is the recognised Leader of the Quality Movement in the USA with Chapters all over the World.

ACT specialises in organisational and professional development through a mixture of consulting, coaching, training and assessments.

ACT was formed in 2012 by Mike Hutchins.

DHiQC is an approved Education Centre with the CQI. David Hutchins has worked with CQI for over 40 years and is a member of the Education and Skills Panel.

The Chartered Quality Institute is the chartered body for quality management professionals.

Quality related videos

David Hutchins on Sky 1

David Hutchins’s book “Hoshin Kanri” was featured on a recent mini-series on Sky 1, as partof a leadership development programme at Gatwick airport.

CQI video on quality

This short video highlights some recent challenges faced by the qualityprofession, such as product recalls.

CQI World Quality Day

David Hutchins talking at the CQI’s 2011 World Quality Day at Sellafield, UK.

David Hutchins’ talk at Kingston

David Hutchins talking at Kingston.