Quality and Lean Courses

We offer a range of Quality and Lean courses, both public and on client site. These include . CQI Certificate in Quality Management , Quality Circles , Root Cause Analysis , Lean Manufacturing , Lean Six Sigma to Master Black Belt and Hoshin Kanri Strategy Deployment . Our partnership with ACT Leadership means we have infused Leadership Development, Coaching and Mentoring into our programmes.

Lean Manufacturing Fast Track Distance Learning Training Courses

Six Units each with the equivalent self study time of 30 hours direct self study. with assignment based evaluation. Lean Manufacturing Training Quality Courses  are designed for the busy manager who want to achieve results whilst he/she studies. You can pick out individual Units to suit your needs or book all six  together (special discount for this alternative).

Each Lean Manufacturing Unit includes considerable well researched work that can be carried out in groups or teams if required to emphasise the value of the concepts and to develop some basic skills.

Lean Manufacturing Quality Courses at the point of use

Lean Manufacturing comprises a wide spectrum of specific concepts each requiring special attention. In this series we have estimated 30 hours study for each Unit so that students can choose those which they find most useful  immediately rather than cover everything at one time then, later when it is time for implementation to find that the memory has faded.

These Units are most effective when the study is conducted on site and where their application can be demonstrated immediately in specific work related locations.

Topics covered in this series include:

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Lean Six Sigma Programmes

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Diploma

This 4 part Distance Learning Course based on our tried and proven public and in house courses is designed to include all of the skills required to achieve both Six Sigma levels of performance and all of the advantages of Lean Manufacture in one comprehensive package.  For each of the four Units, the student will receive a Certificate of Competience.


Unit dhi LSS1 Includes all of the basic skills necessary to be able to conduct Project by Project Improvement. This course is based on Dr Juran’s famous Breakthrough process which is fundamental to all successful Business Performance Improvement programmes around the World including that of Motorola who first coined the term Six sigma as applied to a management concept.
During this unit the basic tools of Root Cause Analysis are covered together with Facilitation Skills and the establishment of a supportive corporate infrastucture. Students will be guided in the selection of a work related project for the purpose of this unit.  
The Certificate will be awarded on the submission or deliver of a relevant assignment.


Minimum of 4 weeks after completion of the Yellow Belt course.

Unit dhi LSS2 – The main focus of this Unit is decision making based on facts rather than opinion.  This follows on from the Yellow Belt unit introducing the student to the fundamentals of Lean Manufacture and the quantitative tools used in problem selection, problem diagnosis, identification and selection of possible remedies and holding the gains. Students will be encouraged either to select a new work related project for this unit or continue with the development of one selected at the Yellow Belt stage.  Qualification will be awarded based on the quality of the project and its intrinsic value to the student’s host organisation.


Minimum of 4 weeks after completion of the Green Belt course.

Unit dhi LSS3 – This unit goes into greater depth with the Lean Manufacturing tools and requires the student to carry out assessments of OEE, SMED, establish 5 S programmes in at least one part of their host company.  Award of the qualification will be made following an assessment of the report on this work


Minimum of 4 weeks after completion of the Brown Belt course.

Unit dhi LSS4 – This unit requires the student to develop and implement a pilot organisation wide Lean Six Sigma programme integrated into the organisation’s Business Management System. It will require all of the skills acquired in the earlier units and the successful student will be able to demonstrate the ability to work with top management and all supporting layers to achieve a totally integrated business wide improvement programme. The participant will be required to carry out training of relevant personnel at all levels and supportive materials will be provided by DHIQC for that purpose.

Due to the depth and complexity of this final part of the programme, it is not expected that the student will be in a position to present the final report on which basis the Diploma is granted for a minimum of 6 months.

It is likely that the whole programme will take from one to two years depending upon the time available and the degree of support by the host organisation.

Fees for these courses on application. Please contact alan@hutchins.co.uk


Our Clients

Leadership Development Training and Coaching

W e partner with ACT Leadership , a US-based company that focuses on Leadership Development training and Coaching.  We have incorporated assessments, coaching, facilitated workshops into our consulting model, blending the human and technical dimension. Our expertise is in the design and delivery of Leadership Development programs aligned to real change initiatives. We create a safe space where leaders can experiment, test and fail in a “parallel universe”, before going public with major decisions. We will work with you to minimize the impact on business performance.

ACT Leadership approach

Prior to a large change program, it’s good to check the pulse of the organization. The “A” in ACT stands for Assessments, an objective view of the current culture of the organization and the leadership team. This will help determine the change management strategy. Do the employees buy into the company purpose? If the answer to this is “no”, what do you do, coerce them into it? Rarely does this work. Using the example of the best-seller “Switch”, leaders need to focus on the Rider (the rational mind) and the Elephant (the heart). How do you do this?

At ACT Leadership, we believe coaching to be one effective method for engaging staff at a deeper level. By listening to their frustrations, showing that the leadership team actually cares, so they are much more likely to align themselves to change.

Alignment to strategy

On an individual level, we’ll create the safe space for leaders to surface limiting beliefs and develop personal development strategies. We will explore vital concepts such as Trust, Communication and Critical Thinking. We will challenge you as to why organization exists? If your company disappeared tonight, how different would the world be tomorrow? How do you embed that sense of organizational purpose to your employees? We believe this should be at the heart of strategy. It should give direction to every part of the firm, from the corporate office to the loading dock. It should define the nature of the work that must be done, who we are and what makes us different.We do not dismiss clearly defined strategic goals, detailed planning and KPI’s to support them. However, how often does this end up being the holy grail, a strategy brilliantly conceived, carefully implemented then valiantly defended through time. It encourages managers to see their strategies as set in stone and when troubles invariably arise, go into defensive, protecting mode. The reality is that like everything in the universe, we evolve. Strategies, even purpose can change over time.

Our approach to learning and change requires all facets of the mind and the heart. Our logo illustrates this. It requires logic and analysis to be suspended, not easy for many of us. In the bestseller “Switch”, the Authors talk about effective change requiring both the “Rider” and the “Elephant”, the mind and the heart, reason and emotion. For leaders to be able to do this, they need a deep understanding of themselves and their employees.