DHIQC Corporate Quality Training programmes

The DHIQC Corporate Quality training programmes are designed to be compliant with your corporate aims and to work with you to make your company the best in its field. Our work is based on several decades of hands on face to face experience in over 40 countries of the world in some of the largest organisations in the world planning and implementing total organisation wide business improvement programmes

David Hutchins conducting a Lean Six Sigma course for the Shanghai Power Distribution Company

Using a blend of hands on bespoke training combined with the CQI suite of courses which were designed by us, we can work with you at all levels from the Board of Directors through to the front line of employees.

David Hutchins making a point

TQM Workshop in Kathmandu 2012

For over 4 decades we have worked with such organisations as HMSO, Marley Building Products, Wedgwood, Heinz, Short Bros (before becoming Bombardier Short Bros.) Smithklyne Beecham, over 80 companies in North Africa funded by the World Bank and contracted with UNIDO.

This unique experience enables us to say with confidence that we can help you too. also, due to our unique brand of Distance Learning products, disruption of your daily business processes is minimal. Hands on assistance can be restricted to those aspects of the programme that are done most effectively face to face, for example top team workshops.

Because these programmes are bespoke we cannot by definition describe them in detail here but we do offer a face to face consultation, expenses only to gain an understanding of your specific needs and for us to prepare a proposal as to how we can assist you to achieve your goals. 

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