“The direction and guidance given have resulted not only in decent grades in exams and assignments but added competence and confidence to lead the quality agenda in my organisation.”

“I chose your course because I like the informative emails, I had no idea that it was going to be this good.”

“Thanks to DHIQC I completed my diploma in March 2014 and in fine style with a distinction in business research. The relevance, depth, and speed of the tutor feedback was absolutely spot on.”

“Just a note to compliment you on the excellence of the course, both breadth, depth and facilities. I expected the course to push forward the frontiers but I had not anticipated by how much.”

“I am currently studying Quality Management at David Hutchins International Quality College and David Hutchins has been 100% supportive.”

“David Hutchins understands Japanese management philosophy better than any European that we know”

The late Mr Jonji Naguchi, Managing Director of JUSE

“DFMEA skills have improved through practice.”

“My knowledge of quality techniques, as I have never used reliability analysis previously.”

“ I have improved my knowledge in every single subject covered within this assignment. I have had to conduct a great deal of research and learning into various data collection methods and the various ways of presenting this and also into problem solving methods, how to effectively apply these and how to choose those most relevant to the circumstances. I now feel much better equipped and able to apply these aspects of quality management in circumstances I am likely to encounter in the future. It has been a steep learning curve but I feel I have benefited greatly from taking on and completing this assignment”

“My knowledge of common law has increased, along with an appreciation of how this industry specific regulation can affect companies and individuals if an adverse incident occurs.”

“I have improved my knowledge in the root cause analysis tools and how they can be applied to a problem. During this assignment I feel that I have improved my ability to lead a team and focus their attention on solving a particular problem.”

“The importance of planning as a foundation. Steering projects to keep on track. Motivation of staff.”

“Improved understanding that good data is key to making good decisions. Interviewing colleagues improved skills in that area – getting the information required.”

“More thorough understanding of the need to go through each step of understanding what is collected, how, by whom, how it is presented and analysed, Realising that each of these can have effect on the quality of the data and final analysis, not just the later stages.”

“Management System Models: Improved knowledge of IIP Standard, EFQM model and integrated management systems. I have also improved my report writing/word processing skills”

“I think I have definitely improved my understanding of the impact of management decisions on people and the company. I also feel I have gained more knowledge with regards to the more historical aspect of quality.”

“I’ve learned the importance of keeping your teams happy and how having a good structure can improve the way a business is run.”