On this page you will find just a very small selection of the sort of

materials that are available to our students who have enrolled for the various Units. We are adding to these all the time. Some of the videos are time worn classics but increasingly they are being supplimented by new materials from our labs so please return often. Any that you see in this open section may be used by yourselves in your own internal training.

COPQ from David Hutchins on Vimeo . | Does a business wide Quality strategy cost you money or make huge savings? Watch this video ‘The shocking case of the Cost of Poor Quality’ to find out. You may be surprised.
| This short video, also created by the CQI, looks at Quality Assurance in the Defence industry.  Topics include the desire for perfection and the role of the Quality Professional.
| This excellent short video by the Juran Institute illustrates how to perform Root Cause Analysis.  By asking “Why” five times, so the root cause of why the paint on the Jefferson Memorial was painting is revealed.
| This short video is a clip from a SKY 1 series in 2010 on Leadership Development.  In this episode David Hutchins’ book “Hoshin Kanri” is showcased as a method for deploying strategy down to operational employees.