Resources in the context of DHIQC are both tangible and intangible.

Our ‘Tangible’ resources are the content of this site together with considerable material that we have simply not as yet been able to load.

That also includes the four headings under this Tab

News – Blogs and matters we think will be of interest generally

DHIQC Books – most of these have been written by our founder David Hutchins

4 of these were listed by the British Libraries Association as being in the top 4 management books requested in their time and David’s Current book Hoshin Kanri is still selling strongly around the world.

Free content. This is mostly videos. The majority of our videos are in the secure student’s Portals and are part of their learning materials but we do post occasional  products in this public part of our site. Check our latest Video Cost of Poor Quality.

Publications . Over the years DHIQC has published newsletters. Much of the content of these is still relevant so we have posted them there for your interest.

Intangible resources

These are mainly the knowledge, skill, practical experience and reputation of our people. David Hutchins is probably unique in the world of Quality in the sense that he has spent the last 50 or so years intensively researching all aspects of both Quality and Reliability as applied around the world and especially in Japan.

He has applied what he has learned in large corporate programmes in over 40 countries, he has worked intimately with both Dr Juran and Professor Ishikawa and personally knew Dr Taguchi, Dr Feigenbaum and Dr Deming.

He has worked with National Governments, the World Bank and UNIDO on National projects, written 9 books and countless articles.

Our colleague John Dansey also has an in depth knowledge of the subject, has worked with a number of large companies internationally and has been one of our tutors for a long time.

We have other highly qualified Tutors and more being developed.