About the DHIQC Courses

Welcome to David Hutchins International. We strive to make the process of becoming a Professional Quality Specialist (or any other qualification), as straightforward as possible. There is a wide range of DHIQC courses which will allow you to build your qualification, whether it’s to become an internationally recognised Quality Specialist or working towards a post graduate degree in Quality Leadership. You may be looking for a qualification to further your career. DHIQC offer the top-class teaching materials and flexibility to help you achieve this. For our Academic Level 3 equivalent series of courses (elearning) you don’t need any previous qualifications. For our Level 6 equivalent (now being approved by international Quality authorities) some previous academic experience is desirable but DHIQC will support you all the way.

Which Course is for me?

The DHIQC Quality Fundamentals Courses  (elearning) and our Level 5* and Level 6* equivalent Diplomas are recognised within the profession and are respected the world over.  The qualifications allow quality professionals to gain recognition through achievement and they provide a ladder to becoming an internationally recognised Quality Specialist. DHIQC offer these qualifications through a distance learning approach with unlimited help and support from our expert  tutors giving you all the flexibility you need. There are three levels of our qualifications: Level 3 and Level 5 and our new Level 6* equivalent Higher Diploma in Quality Leadership.

Looking for a solid general understanding of the quality sciences

Level 3 equivalent Certificate in Quality Fundamentals for more information

Progress your career and become an Internationally recognised Quality Professional

Level 5* equivalent Diploma in Quality Management and Level 6* equivalent  for more information
* At present tall of these courses are in the process of validation by Ofqual fir the status level we have stated. 

Distance Learning and Support

At DHiQC, we will support you all the way. The courses are designed to offer you a flexible and accessible way of learning via online portals (distance learning).  Whether you want a general understanding of the quality sciences,  to become an internationally recognised Quality Professional or to specialise in a particular subject,  we can help you make it possible.We break down the content into digestible, easy-to-learn chunks.  Within our quality courses we use a range of media:

  • Continuous content updates , including exclusive DHI videos and animations
  • Virtual Classroom with lectures and discussions on key exam and assignment topics
  • Progress tracking with Units broken down into learning objectives designed to be aligned to CMI and Ofqual equivalent standards.
  • Homework assignments
  • Easy to read Student Guide updated after every exam sitting based on Student feedback
  • Extra Support in the form of Quizzes, Multiple Choice questions
  • Access to online Tutors
  • Access to all past exam questions
  • “Boot Camp” training at client site (requires minimum of 12).

About David Hutchins International Quality College

DHIQC was originally created by David Hutchins in 1989 and based on the experience formerly acquired by David Hutchins Associates and David Hutchins International, both of which had extensive experience implementing quality philosophy in over 40 countries. Its mission is one of providing affordable, premium quality training to individuals and organisations. It began to focus on Distance Learning in 2009.  Our Founder, David Hutchins, created the now defunct but previously highly successful Chartered Quality Professional qualification for the CQI. We provide the quality training necessary for students to complete our extensive range of Certificates and two Diplomas. We provide e-learning and classroom training to organisations as well as consulting services. We are proud of the fact that our history forms a significant part of the Quality history not only of the UK but also Egypt, Hungary, India, Iran, Indonesia, South Africa, Tunisia and incredibly also Japan.

Corporate Training Programmes

DHIQC can can tailor our training courses to meet your exact requirements.   We have a wide range of distance learning as well as work based and class room options to meet the training needs of your business. Please contact  01458  224040 to discuss your training needs.

Please also ask us about our series of Quality Fundamentals elearning courses.